About Panorama

Thank you for visiting Fly the River. I hope that you find something here that sparks you.

This website will be a somewhat strange collection of my interests.
I love tools of all kinds, especially if, besides doing what they were designed to do, they are well made and beautiful.
I can get excited about designing and creating a leather pen wrap for my fountain pens or designing an Excel spreadsheet.
I love travel. I love being in nature. I love ritual and the magic that happens when women come together in circle.
I love sharing the songs that I’ve created. I love being a student and I love being a teacher. I am open to all that makes me sit up and take notice.

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.

Hafez, 14th century

So I’m flying the river of inspiration and joy to see where it leads me.
Come back every once in a while to see where I’m traveling now.
You might find something that leads you down your own river.

Many blessings to you,

Laurelin Remington-Wolf

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