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Deep gratitude to Jennifer Berezan for all of your inspiration and support of my music in so many ways, for so many years.
And thank you so much to the amazing musicians and singers who graced these recordings.

Song Samples

If I Answer

This song was born in a songwriting workshop that Jennifer Berezan taught many years ago. It was written with Laura Babbitt and Mary Ellen Hill. Jennifer helped create the guitar part. I’ve sung this many times with so many beautiful women in Malta and in Jennifer’s Ecstasy of Sound circles. It’s a sweet song to call in the directions through the elements and to open your heart.
Composed by Laurelin Remington-Wolf, Laura Babbitt, Mary Ellen Hill and Jennifer Berezan
Laurelin Remington-Wolf – vocals, guitar, Jennifer Berezan – guitar, Evelie Delfino Såles Posch – vocals
Production assistance: Jennifer Berezan, Recorded in 2009

In the Arms of the Mother

The Hal Saflieni Hypogeum is a beautiful underground temple on Malta that was in use from 4000 to 2500 BC. This song was inspired by being in the Hypogeum with Jennifer Berezan on her Women’s Sacred Pilgrimage to Malta. The temple is alive with sound and amazing acoustics. When Jennifer sings our names into the oracle chamber the whole temple resonates and it breaks your heart open. So very magical and sacred.
Composed by Laurelin Remington-Wolf
Laurelin Remington-Wolf – vocals, guitar
Recorded in 2009

Halfway Around the World

I had the opportunity to travel to Italy several times for work and I fell in love with Tuscany. The singing echoing in the stone streets in Siena, the noon church bells being rung in San Gimignano, the wonderful people that I met and the amazing food were all life changing. The tune played at the beginning of the song is an excerpt from the Palio song of Siena which I frequently heard being sung in the streets. I loved being there and some part of me felt that I had come home to myself.
Composed by Laurelin Remington-Wolf
Laurelin Remington-Wolf – vocals, guitar, Julie Wolf – accordion
Production assistance: Jennifer Berezan, Recorded in 2009

Will You Be Coming Home

For my mother and her mother, with love.
Composed by Laurelin Remington-Wolf
Laurelin Remington-Wolf – vocals, guitar, Chris Webster – vocals, Jami Sieber – cello
Production assistance: Jennifer Berezan, Recorded in 2005

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